Brunapeg water and facilities

Donation: € 21.458

The province Matabeleland South, Zimbabwe has a very dry climate. The Primary School has one tap. The Secondary School only has a badly functioning pump on its property. The teachers also make use of this tap, which is owned by the Missionpost Hospital water system. The pressure in the waterpipe near this tap is often very low. The new watertank is to be placed near the Primary School. Both schools and both teams of teachers, together with the Father of the Church will benefit from the water supply system.

The water supply system will have a Watertank of 10000 liters. The schools themselves will make the trainings for the children and the teachers.

There will be a water supply committee which will make arrangements in payments (fees) for the supply. The technician of the Archdiocese, who leads the work, will make appointments with representatives of the committee. The water supply committee will be responsible for the water supply, also the cleaning of the latrine blocks and the irrigating of the gardens will be their responsibility.

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