Ceramic Filter Production

Donation: € 20.596

This project aims to send representatives of the "Prespot" pottery centre (Cameroon) to a ceramic water filter production and implementation training in Cambodia, and set up equipment for Prespot and ADEID to start a pilot production and distribution of ceramic water filters.

The yearly outbreak of Cholera at the beginning of the rainy season has triggered the idea to introduce water filters in this area, as consumption of untreated water is the major cause of water borne diseases as Cholera. In 2006, ADEID and PRACTICA have indicated possibilities for sustainable local production of ceramic filters. 

Once fully operational, the Prescraft factory should be able to produce over 1500 filters each month. The average life span of the filters is two years, which gives a possible scope to serve 36.000 families in the first two years of full production. 

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