Plumber Training Sympany

Donation: € 6.000

EARTH concepts initially donated a sum of € 1.000 to Ms. Earth Netherlands, who is ambassador of Sympany. In cooperation with Euro Toques and Bagels & Beans we donated € 5.000 more to this project in Malawi. The money is used to support the plumber training by Sympany in Malawi. 

In Malawi, 60% of all diseases are caused by a lack of clean water and poor hygiene. Hygiene and water quality will stay at the needed level with help of plumbers who can fix problems linked to sanitation facilities.

"I find it unbelievable that there are still millions of people who have no access to sanitation and safe drinking water. Therefore I am an ambassador of Humana" (Wendy-Kristy Hoogenbrugge, 2010)

Click here for pictures from this project.

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