Splash China 2010

Water project for migrant schools - China

Donation: € 50.000

The schools included in this project have had a lot of problems with the quality of their drinking water. This project in China constructed water purification systems and drinking water stations for 10 schools. This means that 8000 children will have safe and clean drinking water.

There are about 130.000.000 migrants in China who work illegally. They live living on the outer edges of the cities literally and of society figuratively. With no social safety nets in place, these families and communities have no clear provisions of health care, no worker rights, and no assured access to an education for their children. That's what migrant schools are for in Beijing and Shanghai. However, because of the bad water quality there were other problems showing up. By constructing new water purification systems and drinking water stations, all of these children can now use clean drinking water in a healthy and hygienic way.

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All of the schools included in this project:
- Beijing CMC Xidian Community Center
- Beijing CMC Zhufang Community Center
- Beijing CMC Dongba Community Center
- Beijing CMC Heiqiao Container Center
- Beijing CMC Xin Xin Migrant School
- Beijing CMC Xin Xin #2 Migrant School

- Ganjiaping Elementary School - Hubei
- Huangdapang Elementary School - Hubei
- Pingyanba Elementary School - Hubei
- Yushu Hongqi Elementary School - Qinghai
- Yushu Minzu Middle School - Qinghai
- Yushu No. 1 Middle School - Qinghai
- Yushu Orphan's School - Qinghai

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