Update LiveBuild

Donation: € 50.000

Since 2015, LiveBuild is one of the organization we donate to annually. Also this year we were able to donate a nice amount of 50,000 during Water & Wine.

The LiveBuild Foundation is committed to building water and educational facilities in Cameroon. The ultimate goal is that villagers can provide for their own basic needs so that they too can use their full power to improve their own lives and that of others.

Update Buea town water project:

Seven communities around Buea Town in southwest Cameroon do not have good access to drinking water. To this day, the 15,500 residents of these communities queue for the small drinking water taps or depend on buying water in jerry cans.

Since the start of this project in 2020, a lot of progress has already been made. In a short documentary, LiveBuild reports on the progress in the seven communitie.

Live Build documantary


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