Clean drinking water & empowering women

Donation: € 11.740

This project in Ethiopia caps and protects 2 springs, construct 2 water distribution points, and train women in sanitation, primary health care, horticulture production & small scale business operations. 4800 people will benefit from this.

The project is designed to promote gender equality and empower women. Improving access to safe drinking water will reduce the current burden on women of fetching water; engaging them in horticultural activity will empower them economically. The project will engage some 200 village women, and is also expected to improve the health of some 4800 dwellers in Lemlem Cheffe and Girmiabo Kebeles by giving access to potable water. Sustainability is enhanced through the provision of training and the participation of various actors. 

The project will be implemented in partnership with a Development Committee composed of two rural village leaders, representatives of women and youth associations, and administrative offices. The representation and participation of women in this Development Committee is crucial:
- Women are working as equal partners in all the phases of the project, from problem identification to implementation of the preferred solution. This will guarantee the ownership and enhance the sustainability of the project.
- Demonstrating the capacity of women to work as equal partners throughout the project will not only benefit the women, but also their families and community as a whole.

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